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Household indoor LED lamps to how to choose?

2016-10-13 Click volume:

The first to consider the principle of "contracted" products. Lighting should play an important role in the room. Too complex shape, too complex colors, are not suitable for the design of a simple room.
LED lamp next to facilitate pre installed, most people have experienced the change of ceiling light bulb embarrassment: stepping on the table, on the chair, head 90 degrees, lift the arms too far to 2.5 meters high or even higher ceiling. When choosing lamps and lanterns, we must consider the convenience of changing light bulbs. No room to choose a pendant lamp, because the lamp to the ground floor of a small distance.
Of course, energy saving is also very important, LED lamps are basically have the concept of energy saving, energy-saving lamps are energy saving, lighting and good, do not emit heat, suitable for multiple lamps. Energy saving lamps are mostly standard screw port, and the pendant lamp has two kinds of caliber, one is standard, can use energy-saving light bulbs; one is non-standard, can not use energy-saving lamps.
In addition to consider the issue of product safety issues, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of LED lamps. Regular products are marked with the total load, according to the total load, you can determine the number of watts of light bulbs, especially for the most important long pendant lamp, that is, the first few x per bulb of the total number of Watts = total load. In addition, the high moisture should use waterproof lamps.
Finally, coordination, lighting and the overall style of the room to be coordinated, and the same room of multiple lamps, should maintain the color coordination or style coordination. Such as wooden wall, wooden cabinets, wooden top of the rectangular balcony, suitable for the installation of a rectangular wooden lamp. Equipped with iron table, rectangular hall metal tube glass table chair fit a rectangular metal tube material chandelier. A golden bedroom cupboard door handle, golden lamp, suitable with golden light.

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